Modular System 1

Modular System 1 3D files set to download and print
Modular System 1

The modular system consists of a set of walls, floors and roofs that you can combine at will to create any futuristic city you may need for your wargames. We have also included the necessary files to create catwalks, which come with two different support columns (6cm and 12cm tall), a set of stairs and a special roof of the same style.

In this set we include our breakable walls and roofs which let you simulate in game damage to structures. We also include here the sliding doors, opening new options for gameplay. We also include urban floors that will let you forget about your flat gaming mat, just print our floors for your table and enjoy the crisp textures!.

Each component in this pack prints separated from the rest to allow you to combine the walls, roofs and floors in any way you want, together with the catwalks and terraces. The supports let you you build multi-level structures, towers, simple one-floor buildings or infinite mazes. And the best thing is that you can change the configuration for each game!

Recommended Printing Settings Ajustes de impresión recomendados
Supports: No Soportes: No
Raft: No
Infill: 20%Relleno: 20%
Material: PLA

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