Our Sci Fi range is thought to give you absolute freedom when building your tables. We have designed a massive set of walls, floors and roofs that you can combine at will to create any structure you need for your tables. Some of the walls break if you need them to, and some doors can be opened! You will also find special skins designed for grim dark settings or arabic settings.

In this range we offer memorable Sci Fi buildings too, like the Armory and the Hangar. And of course, scatter terrain, objective markers and a huge range of city decoration.


Modular System 1

Modular System 1 3D files set to download and print

65,00 €

Hab Blocks

Hab Blocks 3D files set to download and print

20,00 €

The Fountain

The Fountain 3D files set to download and print

7,00 €


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