Modular System

The modular system consists of a set of different shacks with floors and roofs, catwalks, supports and terraces. All models have been carefully sculpted and are rich on details.

Each component prints separated from the rest to allow you to combine the shacks, roofs and floors in any way you want, together with the catwalks and terraces. The supports let you you build multi level structures, towers, simple one-floor buildings or infinite mazes. And the best thing is that you can change the configuration for each game! Check our gallery if you are looking for inspiration.

Modular System

Modules 10x10

Modules 10 x 10 3D file to download and print

18,00 €

Catwalks 10x10

Catwalks SupoprtsTerraces 10 x10 3D file to download and ...

9,00 €

Modules 10x16

Modules 10 x 16 3D file to download and print

25,00 €

Catwalks 10x16

Catwalks SupoprtsTerraces 10 x16 3D file to download and ...

13,00 €

Modules Bundle

Modules Bundle 3D file to download and print

55,00 €

Christmas Sale Bundle

Christmas Sale Bundle 3D files set to download and print

200,00 €


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