Here at Thunder Chrome we support all initiatives that have to do with tabletop games and wargames, especially the indie ones. The strength of our community can grow only if we all act together and support each other. So in this section we want to offer a display for all the indie companies that create terrain and miniatures that we consider compatible with our models.

This is an absolutely free service, because we know how hard it is to make dreams come true. If you want your company to appear here, just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get to it, if we consider your product is compatible.

The Afterglow Miniatures Game is a tabletop strategy game designed for two or more players, set in a grim world devastated by an apocalypse. Players lead bands of survivors who clash against each other in a struggle for survival among the ruins of towns, burned-out wastelands and underground bunkers. The game, based on the intuitive mechanics, is fast and dynamic. Depending on the format it takes from 40 to 90 minutes to play, while the number of miniatures in warbands varies from 4 to 20 models, depending on the chosen faction.

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In the year 2260 the Earth has changed its face, ravaged by wars to human and environmental consequences apocalyptic. Amid the ruins, haggard survivors struggle to try to rebuild a new world: Eden. Different factions have emerged wasteland, and the blood was quick to sink again when the ideals, fears and grudges met. Each player controls a fighter strip struggle for survival, with its own objectives. Whether for an ideal, a dogma or an insatiable desire, the survivors will be desperate to leave their mark on the ashes of the old world.

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Lands of Ruin is a post-apocalypse, tabletop wargame. However, it is not just another run-of-the-mill clone of every other game on the market. This next generation tabletop game utilises the recent advances in mobile technology to bring a more realistic, faster paced, and deeper gaming experience to the already mature tabletop wargaming genre. A companion tablet app allows for more rapid gameplay, while simultaneously introducing a level of depth and realism that cannot be achieved in other game systems.

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Nuclear Renaissance is a tabletop skirmish game. The rules are for skirmish campaigns in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Players collect a gang of hardened fighters and souped up vehicles from the customisable range of parts and characters. It’s a multiplayer game, so 3 or 4 player games work well in the system as well as the standard 2 player setup. Each player then pits their wits against friend and foe alike in a bid to win the coveted prize, to be the last gang standing.

You have a lot of freedom when making characters. You can start out with anything from one super, uber hero tooled to the nines, or a swarm of maybe 50 stupid goons! Chuck in the transport, bikes, rail cannons and hundreds of skills and abilities and its mayhem all round!

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Punkapocalyptic is a 30 mm miniature game, created by Bad Roll Games, that involves skirmishes between gangs in a pimp and lethal post-apocalyptic world. The rich and mighty have created mega-cities for themselves and left the rest of the world devastated. The struggle for resources and survival is fierce. Life is worthless. Bands of gangers raid villages, dangerous mutants lurk in the ruins ... Welcome to the Wasteland, welcome to Punkapocalyptic.

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TWreck-Age is a RPG and 28mm Miniature Skirmish Wargame set in a time after the collapse of human civilization. The greed of mankind had ravaged the planet nearly to the point of destruction. The wealthy and powerful fled to the stars and left the toxic remains to fester and die. Out of desperation those who remained devolved into preying upon each other. For Generations, humanity remained on the brink, but nature is the great equalizer. The Earth has showed signs of rebirth. This new era is known as the Resurgence, and this is where your community’s tale begins.

Wreck-Age uses this post-collapse environment combined with a flexible and dynamic rule set to fuse RPG and Miniature Skirmish Wargame play. While traditional war games put almost the entire focus on combat, we've sought to emphasize non-combat Skills and mechanics to give your characters options well beyond the scope of most miniature games. The high-tech wild-west meets post-apocalypse genre mash-up creates great depth for narrative play that will appeal to a host of gaming interests.

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