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Modularity, multiplicity and originality

Thunder Chrome is made up of two human beings just like you (slightly crazier perhaps) who have dedicated a great amount of our lifetime to wargames, role playing games, videogames, 3D design, comic reading and writing, movie watching and directing and other “food for the soul” activities. Our goal is to design scenery for 3D printers, because we strongly believe that printers are carving their own place in the miniatures and wargaming industry. The reduced costs and the limitless possibilities make this technology the true “create what you want” tool we have been always waiting for.

Thunder Chrome’s philosophy is based in three main pillars: modularity, multiplicity and originality: our models are designed to be combined in infinite ways for each round you want to play. Furthermore, once you buy our models, you can print them as many times as you need to, as long as they are for your own personal non lucrative use (that’s ok, you can invite your friends to play with them). Lastly, we design our models to be truly unique from the very first sketch to the final print, so you can really have the best 3D models you can get.

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